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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Shakya

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar



I,Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Shakya, B.N.Y.S (Reg. No.04760) a Naturopathic Doctor based in the city Budaun, Uttar Pradesh for the past 20 years. I’ve completed my B.N.Y.S. from Board of Naturopathy System of Medicine (Uttar Pradesh) and conducted more than 2.5 lakh visits and treatments in these 20 years. Each of these treatments has sharpened my skills. I have a strong curiosity and commitment to life-long learning. I look forward to further expanding upon my clinical repertoire, experience base, professional development and personal growth.

I am interested in using my research for the efficacy of naturopathic treatments and best results thereof. I am interest in providing full support for family healthcare, chronic disease management particularly in kidney health, liver health, anti-aging medicine, cardiovascular health, skin-disease, diabetic health, women’s health.

According to me, Naturopathic medicine is a unique and varied system of health care that emphasize the use of pre-emptive and natural therapeutics. Above all, a naturopath is trained as primary family healthcare physician, having the responsibility to provide best healthcare available.

My skills and ability to diagnose the smallest details required for extensive treatment has been testified by many patients from time to time. I am committed to serve my patients with the best quality and safest treatments all the times. My love and passion for Naturopathic medicine has resulted in many successes in treating local patients. These successes have led to referrals of royalties and dignitaries from abroad to seek my services for their health issues.

I am also in favour of using Electro Homoeopathic remedies for best results along with Naturopathy as both Methods of treatment are beneficial for the Patients and having no adverse effect on overall health.

Dr. Ajit_Singh

Dr. Ajit_Singh

BEMS, ADEH, RHMP, Msc (India), D.ird, D.Hom (UK)

He is head of the company and working in the field of R and D and Process of Extracons since 1998. He is qualified Electro homoeopath and also learnt other stream of healing like “Acupuncture”. In addition to he did his graduation in Biotechnology” and Master in “Nanotechnology”. He learnt Homoeopathy, Ayurveda and Modern Science in addition to understand the depth of the Subject. He studied Alchemy and get trained personally in art of extraction from Prof Luigi in Italy. He visited many alchemy labs personally. He patented his innovation from Govt of India and his research work is also Published in the Journal “European Journal of Medicinal Plants”, 5(3): 220-228,2015, Arcl no.EJMP.2015.021, ISSN:22310894 SCIENCEDOMAIN international

( Many More arcles also published in the “Alchemy Journal” on the different topics.

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